Quad Lock

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) create the best living environment because you can quickly build resilient, ultra-efficient, comfortable, quiet, durable building shells. ICFs for walls & floors/roofs form solid, reinforced-concrete buildings and stay in place to provide superior insulation, space to run utilities, and backing for finishes.


Insulated concrete forms from Quad Lock provide greater energy performance for any structure providing values from an R22 up to an R59, resulting in energy savings of up to 70% when compared to traditional wood building methods. The superior performance value of insulated concrete forms come from the stable thermal mass that the concrete provides.

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“Our work with Sustainable Building Solutions has resulted in a great working relationship. Chad’s attention to the details and proactive communication skills helped us avoid problems although we were learning a new and innovative product and installation techniques. He worked along side our people and patiently shared his experience and knowledge. The project went smoothly and fit very well, the needs of our clients and their growing family. The warmth and strength of the ICF’s is a wise investment for the long run. I look forward to working with Sustainable Building Solutions, Chad and the ICF products again. ”

Terry Ruhland
Plum Creek Builders